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Yes, We're Nuts- Two Kids Under Two Years Old

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

When you say you are about to have two kids under two years old, a lot of people look at you like you're nuts, and truthfully we are. But, we knew what we were doing (ish). I was never a fan of multiple pregnancies, I told my husband years ago that I’d do it once but don’t expect a herd of children.

When we had our first, it took 2 years to get pregnant, and then the delivery was a little scary (see my previous post to read more about my experience with a quick birth). I was more convinced than ever that my initial thoughts of only having one were right. But, once the initial sleep deprivation wore off and my body started to heal, the guilt of only having one took over. Was I being selfish? Will she miss out by not having siblings? The list went on and on, like it always does with the mom guilt. At this point, I made my husband a deal, I would agree to a second baby, if they were close in age.

Personally, I didn’t enjoy pregnancy, and obviously didn’t enjoy delivery or the healing process, so I wanted to get it done and over with. I wanted to do what I had to do for my family, and know that I didn’t have to spend years letting the pregnancy anxieties linger in the back of my head. I thought of it like ripping a band aid off, you’re never quite ready for it so just close your eyes, and say 1-2-3-Go! Which is exactly what we did!

Now that I’m halfway through the pregnancy, not only am I noticing my body getting tired quicker, but the reality of having two kids so young is setting in, especially when the 1 year old is not a good sleeper. With our first, my husband was able to be off work with me, and was able to take care of all the things I couldn’t. This time, I do not expect that luxury. I am expecting those first few months that the days will feel like years, and my house will constantly be in shambles. I am expecting a shower to be a luxury and sleep to be a pipe dream. I am expecting to feel confident in my dealing with a newborn, but more unsure than ever about how to navigate the world with a toddler and a baby.

All that being said, I am aware that some of my nerves are spiked by pregnancy hormones. I know it will fly by and before I know it we will be out of diapers and into kindergarten. But for now, I would love tips and tricks on how others survived those first few months with two kids under two years old.

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