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The Network marketing industry gets a bad reputation. Some companies have expensive starter packs, or large purchasing commitments which many people struggle to keep up with. I spent time in September chatting with women who’ve dabbled in the world of MLM to shed some light on the fact that it takes hard work, creativity and perseverance to succeed just like any other business.

Through he power of social media, I met Diana, a mom of one living in Tennessee and a Beach Body coach. Diana has been involved with Beach Body for roughly 6 years and has built a strong community through social media, with over 10 000 Instagram followers. Diana and I chatted about how time blocking and schedules are key to building her business while she also maintains a career as a physical therapist and her family responsibilities. To see my interview with Diana, check it out here. Or connect with Diana directly through Facebook and Instagram.

This month involved a lot of American moms. Next I chatted with Nicole, a mom of 2 originally from California who currently lives in Michigan. Over the years, Nicole has dabbled in a few different businesses, trying to put the skills of her MBA to use. She maintains accounts with Shaklee and Beach Body for personal use, but has recently started tackling the world of CBD oil through CTFO. Although our interview involved some interruptions by a baby on the move, the world of CBD is one I am keen on because I believe a success factor in network marketing that isn’t talked about often is timing. With so many countries and states still learning how to regulate CBD, now is the time to get involved, before the industry really booms. Check out my interview with Nicole here, or connect with her directly on Facebook and Instagram.

Closing out the month was Kelly, my only Ottawa mom in September. Kelly is the brains, and the heart behind the virtual gym. An online community that gives people the accountability of a gym membership and group fitness without leaving home. Kelly is a beach body coach, and uses that as the platform for the virtual gym, however network marketing is only a piece of her puzzle as an entrepreneur. As a life coach with a background in health and kinesiology, she is expanding on the success of the virtual gym and starting a health and fitness mastermind group. To see my full interview with Kelly, click here. Or to connect with Kelly directly, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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