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Krista- Owner of The Brooklyn Bow

I had the pleasure of meeting Krista at the BabyMamaHustle Market in Ottawa, and we spent a few minutes chatting about her busy life and her business The Brooklyn Bow.

Krista is a twin mom to busy toddlers. She is a full-time chef and runs a growing business that just reached its one year anniversary. The Brooklyn Bow is a fantastic business which makes handmade hair bows for girls, and bow ties for boys. Her business was obviously inspired by her children and her creative nature, and started shortly after they were born.

Krista is the walking definition of the term 'shop local, go global.' With her husband in the military, Krista has built relationships in a number of different cities, and is expanding her brand with give aways and promotions in different locations.

The Brooklyn Bow first launched on Etsy and Facebook, but has since branched out into its own website. With so much on the go, Krista spends her evenings playing the role of mom entrepreneur after her little ones are in bed. It allows her to focus on being a business woman, and still be present when her kids are awake.

What's next for The Brooklyn Bow? Krista is working on bringing her adorable accessories into retail stores. If you want to follow Krista's journey, follow The Brooklyn Bow on Facebook and Instagram or check out her website to place your order.

Below is the full video interview for anyone interested. The background noise shows you how busy Krista was at the market all day, so I am grateful for the time she was able to spend sitting down to chat with me.

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