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Jenni, Owner of Mellow Baby

Back when Spring meant there was still snow on the ground, I attended the BabyMamaHustle market and took the opportunity to connect with some amazing local mom entrepreneurs. Jenni is one of those awesome mamas.

Although our video is muffled due to how busy the market was, Jenni and I spent a few minutes chatting about Mellow Baby, how she got into the business, and where she is going with it.

Jenni started Mellow Baby roughly 4 years ago, after she spent alot of time trying to work with her youngest child through physio therapy and other appointments to manage his stiff muscles. Now, Jenni not only teaches baby massage classes, but also baby sign language and what she calls story massage.

The best advice Jenni can pass along to other mom entrepreneurs? Be kind to yourself. Being your own boss brings a different set of challenges than working a corporate job, and you need to remember to cut yourself some slack and turn it off every once in a while.

Jenni's goal is to bring Mellow Baby all over Canada! If you are interested in what she's doing and would like to start /mellow Baby in another city, check out her website, Facebook or Instagram.

Or if you want to see my original interview with Jenni, check out the video below.

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