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Five Reasons you Need a Birth Doula

After having my second baby a few weeks ago, I wanted to connect with women who work in pregnancy and post-partum care.

Amie, one of the founders of National Capital Doulas agreed to not only doing a BossMom Interview over Facebook live with me, but also put together some information about why you should consider hiring a Birth Doula. Check out Amie's reasons for hiring a Birth Doula below, and connect with her or any of the amazing women with National Capital Doulas

1. You don't know what you need to know -- but your doula does. A large part of our job is knowing the options available to birthing mothers and their families. We know our way around hospitals, birth centres, and home births. We know what to expect from the staff and service providers, and we will help you know it too.

2. Your doula can help you prepare for the birth _you_ want. We think that a birthing person can do anything -- you continually amaze us. Your doula will be there to understand and respect your needs. We believe in you, and we believe in supporting your needs, and your decisions. Whatever choices you make are the right ones for you, because they're your decisions to make, not ours.

3. We're there for you, and for your partner/mother/sister/bestie. We want all involved in your birth to feel positive, informed, and to be included and respected. We also want everyone to feel like they can take a moment for themselves if and when they need to and be able to rest easy, knowing their loved one is cared for and isn't alone.

4. We don't go off shift. We're in it with you for the long haul. We're the comfortable presence and warmth you've come to know and to trust. We'll be by your side to support you and believe in you from beginning to end, giving you what you need.

5. We're connected! We spend a lot of time building and fostering relationships within the birth community. We know folks who provide services that can benefit you through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. We're better than Google -- we're your source for trusted, reliable information and resources.

If you want to connect with Amie or anyone from her team to learn more about hiring a Birth Doula, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

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