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Do Not Apologize! 5 Things I am Learning as a Work From Home Mom

Being a mom in 2019 is tough! As a 30-something my world revolves around social media to keep me updated on the lives of friends and family. Facebook and Instagram are where I look for wedding pictures, pregnancy announcements and updates on other people’s kids. Before jumping into the world of mom blogging, I was not an avid social media user myself, and my husband still isn’t. This made it an easy decision to not share our kids faces publicly.

Then I entered the world of mom blogging, and I realized how tough it is to keep my kids separate from my blogging, because mom blogger by definition involves kids. I have been running MillennialBossMoms since late 2017 when I was pregnant the first time, and it has been a constant juggling act to balance what I want to share as a blogger and what I want to keep private for my family.

Defining the boundaries of what you’re comfortable sharing is different for everyone, and varies in different settings. Just because I do not post about the poo-namis or all the other bodily fluids I encounter in a day (hello cold and flu season), I am always eager to jump into a conversation involving the details of a birth story or the trenches of early parenthood.

That being said, there is a lot about being a working mom or entrepreneur that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t talk about often enough. I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned since becoming a mom of 2, and trying to navigate the world as a work from home mom while on maternity leave from my corporate job.

1- Be Honest; Whether you are scheduling a phone call, sending emails, responding to dm's. Be honest with the person on the other end. I tell people regularly that there are certain times of day that it’s best to catch my attention. This allows for a better working relationship because they are not left wondering if you forgot about your interaction or have lost interest.

2- Do not apologize; This is something I will probably always struggle with. I feel like 80% of my emails or video calls start or end with I’m sorry. When in reality I have two young kids at home, and I’m attempting to do business while keeping them healthy and happy. I have nothing to apologize for. As long as I am honest about the fact that I am working while being a full-time parent, there should be no need to apologize.

3- Set realistic expectations for yourself; I know that the chances of getting any work done before 8 pm are slim at best these days, so I do not plan anything other than some casual social media posting before 8 pm (usually 8:30 in case bedtimes etc don’t go as planned). I also know that the time it takes me to complete one task, whether it’s a blog post, youtube video, email etc takes twice as long as it used to. So I plan accordingly and try not to take on more than one thing per night.

4- Be ok with letting some things go; whether you leave the dirty dishes, or you miss a networking event, some things will have to slide through the cracks and that’s ok. Trying to stay on top of everything, all the time is impossible.

5- Take advantage of your village; the old saying of it takes a village to raise a baby is TRUE! We cannot do it alone, and in reality we are better mothers and better business women when we can admit that we need help. Whether it’s babysitting, help around the house or whatever else you need, take advantage of your village!

As I write this, I have a clusterfeeding baby attached to me, and a mountain of laundry staring me down from across the room. I have breastfed through boss mom interviews, rocked a fussy baby through meetings, and chased a toddler while taking a phone call. I don’t do it because I want to be recognized as a supermom, I do it because that is what it takes to keep my career ambitions alive and not feel totally lost in the early days of parenthood. Mind you there are still plenty of days my head is barely above water.

I’d love to hear from other moms, what's one thing you’ve learned as a working mom? What lights a fire in you outside of raising tiny humans? What's something you think we need to talk about more as moms and business women?

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