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Natali- Owner of Nat's Bread Company

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

This week’s #BossMom came to us through the power of social media. Meet Natali, owner and founder of Nat's Bread Company, a local wholesale bread bakery. Get to know Nat below, and discover one of the many hidden gem’s in fresh food that Ottawa has to offer.

I went to Algonquin College for Culinary Management after high school. I worked in numerous fine dining restaurants throughout Ottawa until my late twenties. I was always drawn to the bread baking that was done in the restaurants that I worked at, and my grandmother had taught me the bread basics when I was younger. I was working as the sous chef at Beckta Dining and Wine when I was presented the opportunity to rent the basement of Gezellig, Steve Beckta's newest restaurant. I opened Nat's Bread Company in that basement at the same time as Gezellig opened it's doors, and I baked there overnight, delivering bread in the morning on my way home.

I started my business while my now husband and I were still dating. He has supported my business from the beginning, and now we are married with a 17 month old son. Being a working mom can be tough, but one of my favourite parts is being an example of a successful woman for my son. I want him to grow up expecting that his mom works hard and is a force to be reckoned with. I want him to see women in positions of power and influence and to take that as a societal norm, not a societal exception. I also like the changes it brings to my day. As much as I love evenings and weekends doing toddler things, I also love coming to work, focusing on what I do well, and pushing the "mom" stuff to the back burner.

Owning my own business presents pros and cons as a working mom.  A big pro is that scheduling can be very flexible. I can choose which days I want to work, which means I can make myself available for doctor's appointments, sick days, and long weekends. A big con is that the buck stops with me. I am really always working, even when I'm home. My staff and clients can access me day or night. If employees are sick or quit unexpectedly, I am the one who has to cover their shifts. If there is an emergency at the bakery on a day that I am scheduled "off", I am often the one that needs to resolve it.

What is the best advice Natali can pass along to other #BossMom’s?

Be kind to yourself. Make time for yourself and try and throw all the guilt out the window (I'm still working on that!). And also, it's going to be tough. Nothing comes from nothing. We all make sacrifices for what we really want.

Want to learn more about Nat's Bread Company? Check out her website and social media pages below

website: www.natsbreadcompany.com

facebook: facebook.com/natsbreadcompany

instagram: instagram.com/natsbreadco

twitter: twitter.com/natsbreadco

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