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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Being a mother or businesswoman brings its lot of challenges on a daily basis. Both require commitment, dedication, passion, and more than their fair share of exhausting work.

This big adventure all started after my son's birth. I was looking for clothes that would be comfortable while I took care of my tiny bundle of cuteness and reclaiming my body as my very own temple. Being a little picky ( okay ... a lot picky), I was never satisfied with the models I was offered in retail stores and none of the clothes seem to fit both my quality standards and flair for fashion.

That was how the idea of sourcing products that would meet those standards and bring them to active women like me was born.

Since deciding to embark on this adventure, my day-to-day life has become a beautiful whirlwind. Just picture yourself talking with a supplier over the phone while tending scraped knee while also trying to keep a baby from throwing his food on the floor you just cleaned, during which time you had 4 deliveries to ship.

Days like this force you to change hats at the drop of a... well... hat. You have to multitask all the way up to success and become a pro at prioritization. I find myself thinking frequently "Girl, get your brain into overdrive and tend to the most pressing matter first!"

I first intended to write this post mostly to share with you what I was up to but I also realized that there was something else I must share with all the brave women out there who are wondering:

"Is it possible to be a business owner and mother?"

The answer is simply yes, it is!

I am not saying in any case that it is easy but with some grit, careful organization and lastly support by your loved ones, you can achieve it too!

It will come at the cost of long nights, mental gymnastics with juggling the kids and the occasional bickering with your other half ( sorry honey <3) but the pride of achieving such feats will make it worth it

We are all fierce femmes fatales with the power to achieve our most grandiose dreams if we just allow ourselves to DARE IT.

Interested in Leg&Shape? Check out the website below!


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