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Kelly- A Local Insurance Agent

Being a #BossMom isn’t just about running a start-up business, it is about juggling a career and a family. It is about being a badass and finding a way to make it all work without driving yourself totally insane.

This week, I interviewed Kelly, a mom of two, who juggles a career in the insurance industry with a home based business and the demands of life with toddlers. Check out my interview with Kelly below.

I work for a local insurance company, and I am THE senior Service Agent in an office of 14 people. That means, along with 2 other service agents, we handle over 10,000 clients on a regular basis. From disgruntled unhappy customers, difficult trouble shooting changes, poor claims handling, all the way to sensitive payment and money issues etc. SO I’m pretty busy.

I w started my career 14 years ago when I was given an opportunity to work at another company as an Agent with no prior experience and no degree in school. My only asset was my Grade 12 diploma and severe perseverance to fund my future goals and dreams. From there, I began developing a taste of the industry, developing a variety of skills and my current back bone in order to survive, not only the industry but life itself. It’s safe to say, this line of work, really makes you grow up.. A LOT.

For many years, I was on the fence if this was the type of work I want to do for the long haul, now working for a new company, in a different position that challlenges me every day, and I can now whole-heartedly say that I enjoy what I do.

I started this line of work before having kids and took a full year of maternity leave with each child. Going back to work after maternity leave is stressful, you have no idea if you will be able to keep up, or how much will have changed, but fortunately I was able to pick up where I left off. There were still some mom brain moments for sure, and still are 😊 but I have gotten into a healthy routine at the office.

I have two children- a daughter 3.5 years old and a son, 18 months. Life with two toddlers is busy to say the least. I find the hardest thing to balance in my work life vs family life is time scheduling. My husband and I have full time jobs and my husband has his own business on the side. We both have long commutes, sometimes we work 6 days a week and during the winter months, we throw in extracurricular activities! Finding time to make sure the house is clean, there are groceries in the fridge, and laundry is done is an ongoing battle. THE most important thing I always try to do is, fitting in family time and special one on ones with each child. You have to do that!

My favourite part of my career is problem solving and finding resolutions to people’s issues. We also have a lot of fun. We all work as a team, bringing our own strengths to the plate, ultimately working toward one main goal- QUARTERLY BONUSES!! (fade out the cheering sounds 😊). In all seriousness, I like being an asset and helping customers and co-workers so that we all win. My tenure in the type of business I do definitely has its ground hog days for sure, but mostly brings resourcefulness, and quick problem solving which I find exciting.

What is the best advice you can pass along to other hard-working moms?

I don’t really have advice, but can share what I’ve done to make things work and balance my own home and work life. It may work for some, or maybe it won’t. Up until recently, I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help! I hired a house cleaner that comes every second week to do the deep cleaning and I have to say it was the best thing I ever did (other than have my kids of course ;)). I’m also swishing the idea around in my mouth about hiring a lawn maintenance and snow removal company because we just don’t have the time for it. And, that’s okay!

I’d rather take the time and be with my children on the time I do have, then spending it on home chores. As mom’s we are expected to do it all, be the rock, take on more, problem solve but also not let anything break us. IMPOSSIBLE! Something has to give. I learned asking for Help is not a weakness, it’s part of survival.

Yes-it’s important to have the balance in my work life, my work family-(let’s face it, my work peeps are like my day time fam!), putting the energy into what I do so that I can better provide for my family, at the end of the day, our kids are only little once. If asking for help for things that does not bring anything beneficial into my life, or take away anything from it (and your budget agrees to it too LOL) , to me-it’s worth it!

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