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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The concept of #BossMom is proof of the power of social media. I connected with Kimberly through an Instagram post, and thought she would be an incredible addition to the #BossMom series.

Kimberly’s current business focuses on helping women learn to build a 6 figure business from home. As a mother herself, she knows how precious the time at home is, and wants other women to experience the same freedoms that she has, while still providing for their family.

For Kimberly, the best part of being a working mom is the lessons she gets to teach her daughter. In a world where many women still struggle to break through the glass ceiling, Kimberly is teaching her daughter how important it is to set goals for yourself and work your butt off to meet those goals. She is teaching her daughter that it is possible to be self-sufficient and have a successful career while raising kids. Most importantly, she is teaching her daughter how to believe in herself through the obstacles Kimberly faces as an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur and raising children is a balancing act that obviously comes with challenges. When asked what her biggest challenge is, Kimberly revealed that time is her biggest on going challenge. With three businesses on the go, and a full team to manage, it can be tough to balance it all. The most effective way she has found to balance her time is through delegation and automation. Although it can be difficult to pass on certain tasks, being able to successfully delegate the workload and automate processes is the only way to find a sense of balance between the demands of owning businesses and the demands of raising a family.

What is the best advice Kimberly can pass along to another mom entrepreneur?

“You can do it! Read everything about entrepreneurship that you can get your hands on. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Take those strengths and turn that into a business. Put the right people around you.”

Kimberly is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a published author. Click on the link to get your free copy of her bestselling book


To learn more about Kimberly and her businesses, check out her website and social media pages below.



LinkedIn- Kimberly A Patrick

Facebook- @KimberlyAPatrick

Instagram- @KimberlyAPatrick

Twitter- @StartupJobsATX

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