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Debora- Baby Wearing Consultant

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Meet Débora, a Carrying Consultant with Babywearing Canada, and mother of two boys, 11 and 14 years old. Babywearingwearing in Canada is an organization that provides parents with a safe space to try out various baby carriers without feeling self-conscious and see what options work for them without spending money buying a variety of different carriers. Though Débora started babywearing with her eldest, it wasn’t until her second son that she truly got into the world of baby carriers. During a particularly snowy winter, she needed a solution that would allow her to keep the baby close and get all the snow shoveled. After investing in a few carriers that were not quite right for her, she went online and learned that the options can be overwhelming. How do you decide which carrier will be best for you without spending a ton of money? This sparked her journey as a carrying consultant.

wearing by taking it beyond attachment parenting.” Her business focuses of more traditional types of babywearing such as wraps and slings, the “focus is connection above all else, and this includes working with parents who due to physiological reasons cannot carry or have a limed ability to carry (i.e. if they have a bad back).” As an educator, it is important for Débora to stay educated and up to date on common practices, which is something she takes very seriously.

In order to be the best educator she can be, Débora travels through North America and Europe to different events to meet with different consultants and attend different conferences and events. This year she will be “going to the Dresden Carrying Days to push her skills even further.” Débora is a firm believer that “you are never too old to learn, and more importantly, training with other professionals allows you to exchange information and get tips on how to improve. We all need this, no matter how long we've been teaching.”

As a single mom, the idea of balance between her role as a mother and her role as a business woman means something different than when she was married. While married, balance meant juggling her husband’s career aspirations with her own and trying to divide the parenting and household duties accordingly. Since becoming a single parent, balance is more of an idea than something she can put into practice. Time management is key, and often significant sacrifice is involved to show your kids that they are priority while you are trying to manage the house hold responsibilities and a business on your own.

1. Understand your vision. Why are you doing this? What is your goal? What are you trying to improve or change? You can get pulled around in different directions and being in business means you have to do everything including things you hate. So being able to remember the change you made in someone's life is what feeds you and keeps you moving forwards.

2. Admit when you suck. My whole life and motto, including when I work with parents is we all suck at something. There's always something we're not really good at doing. So instead of avoiding whatever it is, admit that we need help because we don't have the skill. And go get the help, whether it's watching a Youtube video, asking a question in a group, finding who among your friends has the skills, or hiring someone. We are weaker if we cannot progress because we are afraid to be vulnerable.

Are you interested in connected with Débora or learning more about babywearing? Check out her website and social media pages below.


Instagram: @BWICanada

Facebook: @BabywearinginCanada

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