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Rachel- One of Ottawa's Best Real Estate Agents

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Being a #BossMom is being a bit of a Badass, with incredible time management skills and determination. It is finding a way to raise a family and excel in your career without missing a beat. I may be a little biased, but this week we have a woman who is the ultimate Boss Mom.

Despite the obstacles, Rachel has managed to build a successful business, and has seen first hand the benefits of being an entrepreneur. The biggest benefit is her ability to control her own schedule, especially since starting a family. With two little boys at home (one of which is brand new), flexibility is key. In the middle of Ottawa’s busiest spring market, she has not let having kids stop her from being there for her clients. She is out showing houses with a newborn in tow or negotiating offers during nap times.

What is some advice Rachel can pass along to other moms trying to run a business?

In the market to buy your first home? Outgrowing your current home? Call Rachel and see if she can help you.


Facebook @Improvetomove

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