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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I have always been skeptical of Network Marketing companies. The idea of spending 100 dollars or more on a starter kit or inventory to sell and competing in a saturated market has never appealed to me. I am however a believer in following the money. I invest my money wisely and will invest money when I know I will see a return.

Recently when scrolling through social media, I came across an ad for CTFO (Change The Future Outcome), a network marketing company that sells CBD (cannabinoid) oil and other CBD products. This caught my attention and I began researching. In the many hours I spent googling, I learned that the Hemp and Cannabis industry is expected to be worth more than a billion dollars by the year 2020. I also learned that there are two network marketing companies who sell CBD oil and products which appear to be the most reputable, Hempworx and CTFO. After more googling, I decided to take the leap and sign up with CTFO.

One of my major selling points for choosing CTFO was the $0 sign up fee. To activate your account, you do need to place an order, but there is no special starter pack you need to invest in. There is also a variety of ways to earn which was appealing. If I choose to carry an inventory I can, or if I choose to use only the direct sales approach, I can do that too.

With ‘residual incomes’ and ‘work from anywhere' becoming major buzz words, network marketing companies are very appealing. Network marketing sounds appealing when you’re looking to make a little extra money to top up your family income, or you want to be an entrepreneur without the hefty costs of building a business from scratch. What most people forget is that being an entrepreneur in any shape is a huge commitment. Being an entrepreneur, especially in the early days of starting a business, means always being ‘on.' It means taking time away from your family so you can have more time to spend together later.

Send me an email or check out my CTFO page below if you are interested in learning more.


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