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Bree- Creator of the Amazing Human Series Podcast

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

This week’s Boss Mom is Bree, a step-mom to three teenage boys who is trying to spread positivity and make a difference in the world. By trade, Bree is an Interior Decorator and Assistant Manager with Silver Brooks Paints. A career she started out of college several years ago. Outside of her day job, Bree is the creator of the Amazing Human Series podcast, which “features ‘Amazing Humans’, people who are doing incredible things in their day to day life. Anyone who takes the time to do small or large acts for others, anyone who is selfless and spends their time helping others or anyone who does lots for their community is an Amazing Human.”

Although Bree started her career in interior decorating before becoming part of a family, the responsibility of being a parental figure to 3 kids in your twenties can be challenging. As Bree navigated the world of being a step-parent, she was inspired to start her podcast, The Amazing Human Series. The podcast was inspired by her step-sons, with so much negativity in the world Bree wanted to create a platform to show her step-sons that good people still exist. When the time is right, her step-sons can also use the podcast to talk about the path they’ve chosen to become amazing humans themselves.

As a working mom, Bree hopes to show her step-sons that women with careers can be badasses. She is hoping to set an example, showing them what can happen when your girlfriend or partner has career ambitions of her own. The biggest challenge Bree faces is balance. The idea of work/life balance is such a hot topic right now, but is it possible? Bree’s idea of balance is to make sure everyone is healthy and happy, while remembering that nobody is perfect. Because the kids split their time between parents,  Bree is able to manage her time accordingly and make sure her schedule is free when the kids are around.

What is the best advice Bree can pass along to other working moms?

“For Mom's trying to excel in business (be it entrepreneurship or working for someone else) my advice is this:  I believe, we all need to be just a little bit selfish once in awhile, just because you are a Mom and are raising a family that doesn't mean that you don't also get to be or do whatever it is that you want out of life. The important thing is to remember that you always have tomorrow, so if you screw up today, wake up and try again tomorrow. You have this little thing called a "gut instinct" listen to it, we all have passions and dreams, work on yours. Even if it takes you 2,3,4 times as long to get there because you have to find the balance then who cares, keep working at it. You deserve to "Live Your Best Life" !!! These are all pretty "cliche" answers but it's the truth. If you just love being a Mom then you go girl, but if you want to be more than that, go get it.”

To get in touch with Bree to talk about her skills as an Interior Decorator, or learn more about her podcast, check out her social media links below.

Instagram @bree.palmer & @amazinghumanseries

Podcast on Apple podcasts: The Amazing Human Series.

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