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Penny Mayo Parent Consulting

Meet Penny, who runs a consulting business and parenting workshops to help parents find alternative styles of parenting and problem solving with their children. Penny is a single mom to two teenage boys. Her business came from having a challenging child herself. When her youngest son didn’t respond well to traditional methods of discipline (i.e. time outs, rewards for good behavior, etc.), Penny spent countless hours researching different methods she could try, convinced that there had to be something that would work for her family. She came across Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative Problem Solving approach and it was a game changer. Obviously, nothing changes overnight, but Dr. Greene’s methodology had a huge impact.

Next, Penny came across Dr. Stuart Shankar’s research about self-regulation. She found the impact that these two models had on her children was so significant that Penny is becoming certified in Dr. Shankar’s self-regulation model, and became an advocate through her networks and social media, praising the positive impact it had on her parenting. As Penny connected with other parents, she realized there was a real gap in the support available for parents in learning how to implement these alternative models to parenting, which is what started her business.

Penny’s advice to other mom entrepreneurs?

“I highly recommend building something based on what you already know and are passionate about. Building a business as a mom (with our huge pull towards our families), means there will be a huge learning curve about how to build a business without having to worry about what to make the business about. As well, surround yourself by a group of supportive people who you are comfortable asking for help. These people will help keep you going and help pick you up when you feel like throwing it all away.”

To connect directly with Penny, or learn more about her business, check out her website and social media pages below



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