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Jennie with Petit Retreat Wellness Spa

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Meet Jennie, this week’s featured Boss Mom. Jennie has owned Petit Retreat-Wellness Spa, a home based spa just outside of Ottawa for 14 years. She is certified as an Esthetician and Make-up Artist with 17 years of exprience, and also trained in Bio Sculpture Gel nails. Jennie started her business because she enjoys “helping people to look and feel their absolute best.” She started by doing make up on friends and family as a young woman, and found a career that allowed her to be social, interact with a wide variety of people, and feel like she is helping people feel good about themselves.

Jennie has 3 kids under the age of 10. Starting her business before having kids gave Jennie the opportunity to really dive into her career, building the business and growing her client base before taking on the challenges of raising children. Since having kids, Jennie has been able to continually grow her business by managing her own schedule, and offering appointment times that work with the demands of being a busy mom. Offering evening appointments contributes to her success and allows her and her husband to take turns managing the parenting duties.

Working in a field she loves makes it easy for Jennie to love being an entrepreneur. She gets to meet new people constantly, and make a difference in her clients lives by making them look and feel good. What is her advice for other mom entrepreneurs? “Believe in yourself. Go for it and work your butt off”

To connect directly with Jennie or learn more about Petit-Retreat Wellness Spa check out her social media pages below

Facebook @petitretreatspa

Instagram @petitretreatspa

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