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Why #BossMom is Important

When I came up with the idea for #BossMom a few months ago, the original idea was to generate additional traffic for my website and connect with some other women. The plan was to help a few women tell their story about life as a working mom, talking about the juggling act you must constantly do to balance your priorities as a career woman and a mother. Obviously, I hoped other people liked the feature, but I never expected to receive such a strong response so quickly.

As of right now, I have connected with over 50 women about getting involved with #BossMom, all living and working in Ottawa. Connecting with so many women, learning about the sacrifices they have made and the obstacles they have had to overcome to excel in their careers and raise a family has been an incredible experience. Although each story is unique, there are some similarities that appear in almost all stories.

The guilt that all mom's experience has shown me that #BossMom has an important role in our world of perfectly posed and filtered social media posts. Being a #BossMom means being honest about the struggles and sacrifices that come with juggling your career aspirations and the demands of parenthood. It is letting go of the Mom guilt and admitting that balance doesn't exist, whether you are focusing more on your career or your family, it is impossible to divide your time evenly. Being a #BossMom means supporting other moms instead of judging because no matter how she divides her time, every mom is doing the best she can, while maintaining the appearance that she has it all figured out.

Ready to get in on the #BossMom action? Send me a message and let's chat.

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