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Sarah- A LEAD Consultant with Scentsy

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

My name is Sarah Pettingill-Magee and I am a LEAD Independent Scentsy Consultant. We offer a wide variety of safe home and on-the-go fragrance options, starting with our main product: flameless warmers & wax. I started my Scentsy journey like I'm sure many consultants in direct sales did; I had just had two kids, was due to return to work and was looking for something to have as an income-producing hobby that I could have for my own. The problem was, I was severely battling Postpardum Depression and Anxiety and felt as though this new role in motherhood was burying me into a deep rut. Couple that with returning back to a job that was both soul-sucking and a dead-end, I had become completely unmotivated and numb.

A couple days prior to returning to this job, I had seen my cousin posting about how she had just earned a free all-inclusive incentive trip to Disney World with Scentsy, and it was as if a light had turned on. This was the opportunity I didn't realize I was searching for. I needed this for me, for my kids, for my marriage and so that I could quit that job and be there to raise my family on my terms. So after a few days, I reached out to her and I signed up. I didn't know if I would be successful.

Don't get me wrong, some days it's harder than others - like when the kids are sick or fighting over the same toy for the 200th time that day, or when my daughter starts screaming at a pitch only dogs can hear. Those days are tough to balance, but the freedom I have of not having to punch a clock every day is enough to offset that. Now, I'm working on earning my own all-expenses paid trip to Cancun, Mexico!

My advice? Don't be afraid to draw your own path - and certainly don't fear failure. If J.K. Rowling had given up after the first publisher denied her manuscript, we wouldn't have Hogwarts. If Thomas Edison hadn't persisted in his discovery of electricity, we wouldn't have lightbulbs. Walt Disney was once fired as a newspaper editor because he "lacked imagination and had no good ideas". If you have the desire, let your life be the motivation.

For more information about Scentsy, or to connect with me directly, check out my website and social media pages below.


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