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Beverley with Arbonne

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Meet Beverley, a full-time pediatric nurse with 30 years experience, and a representative with Arbonne. Beverely has been working with Arbonne for one year while managing a family with three grown boys, a husband, and two young grandchildren. There are a number of life circumstances that led Beverley to start her Arbonne business. A few years ago, she became the primary care-giver for her mentally challenged sister, learned that one of her grandchildren had type 1 diabetes, and had to undergo surgery and rehab for an ankle injury.

With so many things going on at home, her career as a nurse was exhausting to say the least, which is what led her to Arbonne. When Beverley learned that Arbonne products are vegan, gluten free, have no artificial dyes or scents, no chemicals, and are animal cruelty free, she knew it was a business she could get behind. Plus it gave her an opportunity to manage her hectic home life while still earning an income. One of Beverley’s favourite parts about running her own business is that she gets to help people feel better about themselves, whether it is solving skin care or weight loss issues, or just introducing people to natural products, she is making a difference in the lives of her clients.

One of the biggest challenges Beverley faces is getting her business of the ground while still working full-time and managing her family. To date, Beverley has not been able to fully transition out of her career as a nurse and into her career as a business owner and entrepreneur. She loves the flexibility that comes with running her Arbonne business so she can be there for her growing family, but is still working on expanding the business to a point where it gives her the financial freedom to retire from nursing.

The best advice Beverley can pass on to any moms running a business, or trying to start one is to always believe in yourself. She does a lot of reading and listens to a lot of podcasts, such as Robin Sharma, which help her grow as a person and a business woman. No matter what “don’t give up when the going gets tough. The journey will be worth it.

If you are interested in learning more about Arbonne, or connecting with Beverley, check out her website and social media pages below.


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bevsbeyoutifulyou

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bevlafreniere/


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