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Blogging With a Newborn

Time is flying, the baby is almost one month old already! It still blows my mind at how much has changed in the last few weeks, our world has been turned upside down, but in the best way possible.

Before the baby came, I was working diligently to launch a new feature on my blog. The new feature aims to tell the story of local mom’s kicking butt, and running a business while raising a family. When the baby decided to make her appearance, I was in the middle of responding to a flood of messages from women interested in working with me.

The business woman in me felt awful for not responding quickly to a lot of the messages, or even explaining why I could not provide a proper response, but going into labour obviously meant I had no time to even try and answer any of the messages.

I have been told multiple times not to worry about my website, and focus on the baby while she is small. I have definitely been taking advantage of the time to sit and snuggle, or squeeze in a mid-day nap, but it is in my nature to want to spend some time feeling mentally stimulated. Blogging, and working on my website is what I call a sanity saver. It allows me to spend a few minutes feeling like myself, and not just a diaper changing, feeding machine.

What are some of my 'tricks' for having any time to blog with a newborn? First is that everything is mobile friendly. Editing my website, drafting a blog post, editing photos, I can do it all from my cell phone, which means I can be working on things while the baby is eating, or if I'm awake while she sleeps. Second is that I have an amazing support system. Between my husband and our families, I have had lots of help keeping up with daily chores, which gives me a few spare minutes every now and then.

For any other new moms, what did you do to feel like yourself and save your sanity during the first few weeks and months?

Mom's who run your own business, how soon after the baby came did you start doing some work again?

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