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Baby Registries can be Overwhelming

Registries are stressful and overwhelming! At least that was my experience. After starting to announce my pregnancy to family and friends, the next questions were around where to register, what to register for, and when to hold a baby shower. As a soon to be new parent, my motto so far has been we’ll figure it out as we go. Until the baby gets here and we get into a routine with its preferences and ours, which products and brands we buy is a total guessing game.

When starting to look at baby items and plan to build a registry, I did not want to be limited to one store. My husband and I had done that with a wedding registry, and although we received some very nice gifts, there were many items that we would have liked to include that were simply not available through that one store. In a Facebook group one day, I came across a post about someone who used myregistry.com instead of the traditional baby store. This website gives you the option to connect registries from multiple stores into one central location, or simply add items on a one off basis as you see fit.

The only down side is that guests have to mark an item as purchased through the website when you add items on a one off basis, regardless of whether it was purchased in store or online. Personally, I loved using myregistry.com, being the thrifty shopper that I am, it allowed me to do some price matching before adding an item to my registry.

Once the baby shower was over, I was able to buy the items I still needed (or at least the ones I knew I needed), and know that I got the items I want at a reasonable price because I had already done the work of price matching across websites.

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