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Navigating Maternity Fashion

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

n the early days of my pregnancy, maternity fashion was the first thing on my mind, but also the last. I was so focused on keeping the news a secret that what I wore was a constant stressor, while trying to avoid typical maternity clothes incase someone noticed (If you have not read my post about hiding my pregnancy, you can check it out here).

Through the summer months, I was quite fortunate. I have a number of girlfriends who are larger than I am, and were willing to go through their closets looking for flowy summer dresses and patterned shirts. At this point, I invested in a few pairs of maternity leggings, but otherwise every day was a gamble to see what would hide my growing bump best. I was able to keep things quiet until the end of August, and I swear that wearing loose clothing with lots of patterns and strategically buttoned cardigans made all the difference.

After announcing my pregnancy at work, it was time to invest in proper maternity clothes, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I did what I do best; I bargain hunted and I shopped online. Two of my favourite places to shop turned out to be Old Navy, and Wal-Mart (I ordered through both Walmart.ca and Walmart.com). I managed to come across some 50% off sales at Old Navy, and bought some of my favourite leggings and t-shirts. At Walmart I scored deals on a bunch of nursing clothing and some jeans. Plus, I used ebates on all my purchases, which meant I saved even more (you can read about finally announcing my pregnancy here).

Do you have any tips and tricks to save money on a maternity wardrobe? Or the awkward post-partum stage where maternity clothes are too big, but regular clothes are too small? With the baby due to come any day, managing my post-partum wardrobe will be the next challenge. Fortunately I will not need to worry about office appropriate clothing for a little while.

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