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Learning to Use Social Media

Before starting my own website, I did a lot of reading about how to build and engage an audience through social media. There are countless articles about making sure you use a high quality camera to take your photos, which photo or video editing software to use, how to come up with useful hastags, and all kinds of wonderful advice.

As someone who did not regularly post about my life on social media before creating my own website, it is an understatement to say this has been a learning curve for me. I have always been someone who would rather enjoy the moment than pull out my cell phone and take a picture or video. I have not taken the time to sit and learn how to properly use our DSLR camera, and in all honestly, I tend to set my cell phone down and forget where I put it, so pictures and videos are not always an option.

One of the best pieces of advice that I have come across is to not take on all social media platforms at once, if you spread yourself too thin, you are not able to focus on creating engaging content, and will likely get overwhelmed trying to keep up with the different etiquette of each platform.

For the purpose of my blog, I have been focusing mostly on Instagram as my target demographic is parents who are scrolling through social media in short spurts while they juggle the demands of parenting, busy careers, and other time commitments. I may be wrong, but for now, I am focusing on posting to Instagram at least once a day, and attempting to use Instagram stories regularly. I am making a conscious effort to create visually appealing photos, and interesting captions. Some days, this comes easily, others it is a concentrated effort to find something I think is worth posting.

Although all of the articles I read about social media included some good advice, through my experience, I have found that being comfortable with posting and enjoying the content you are posting makes the biggest difference. Logically, if I am forcing myself to come up with a witty or creative post, it is not relatable and less engaging to other people. As I get more comfortable with Instagram, and learn to keep my phone handy for those spur of the moment pictures, I am noticing better engagement on the posts that are real, raw and relatable.

If you are trying to start a website, or just improve your social media presence, the best advice I can pass along is to make it an enjoyable experience. Getting too caught up in filters and how many times a day you are posting takes away from the relatability of your posts.

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