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Maternity Photos- Yes or No?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

For quite some time, my husband and I went back and forth, excited about the idea of doing a ‘family photo shoot’ with us and our dogs before the baby arrives, but also wondering how many of those maternity pictures we would end up hanging in our home after the baby arrives. Would the maternity pictures be moved to a box to collect dust and replaced with newborn photos?

Just this weekend, after noticing a Facebook post by a new local photographer, we ventured outside to a forest near our home, and took some photos. Despite the wind, it ended up being a lot of fun as we went through the bag of random props I brought along.

Although I was hesitant about doing maternity photos to begin with, I am happy that Sydney took the time to work with us, and I think it will be a neat keepsake to eventually show our child how big my belly got as we neared our due date.

I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on whether maternity photos are worth the investment or not. Are you like me, and typically very practical and a thrifty shopper? Or do you believe in investing in the memories that professional photos create?

If you are thinking of getting maternity photos done but don’t want to spend a fortune, I would recommend Sydney with MCouture Photography. Sydney did our photos, and was fantastic to work with.

Check out some of the pictures that Sydney took for us below!

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