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Coming Out- Finally Announcing my Pregnancy

August 31, after a discussion with my boss, we decided that it was an appropriate time to start announcing my pregnancy. At 20 weeks, I was hitting a point, that hiding it was becoming a challenge, and more stress than necessary. Until this point, I had been strategically wearing lots of patterned and loose clothing, paired with cardigans and jackets that were buttoned in just the right place. It also helped matters that I work in a male dominated environment, where the faculty and students are engineers. Engineers just happen to be a group stereotyped as not being the most observant, in this case, the stereotype happened to be correct, and very beneficial when trying to hide a growing baby bump.

After putting so much effort into hiding my pregnancy at work, I was quite nervous to make it public. In a room of almost 50 people, my boss made the announcement for me (with my blessing obviously). I immediately went red in the face, knowing that all eyes were on me. Everyone was very excited for me, but also very curious about what would happen during my maternity leave as I have run the program as a staff of one for quite some time.

The sense of relief that came over my after that day was astonishing. I was still nervous as the news started to spread around campus, but I was ready to start properly preparing to be on maternity leave, and leave the office in the hands of someone else.

I would love to hear about other women who chose to delay making their pregnancy news public. What was your experience? How did you manage to hide it?

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