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Working on a team of one presents a unique set of challenges; from trying to plan vacations and time off, to prioritizing daily tasks. For the better part of 4 years, I have worked as the sole administrator of the TIM Program.

For anyone who does not know, the TIM Program is a masters level program at Carleton University. The program teaches about technology entrepreneurship, open-source software, and cybersecurity. My role includes managing the logistics of all students from recruitment through to graduation, managing faculty research funds and projects, and representing the program at a variety of meetings and events.

So how do I manage such a large role, without missing deadlines, or getting overwhelmed? The secret is that I don’t. Working with the TIM Program is like working with a start-up, you are constantly juggling multiple tasks and deadlines, flying by the seat of your pants to make everything work, and to do it on time. Anyone who walks into my office can attest to the fact that it is constantly littered with papers, post-its, and file folders, and shockingly, I still know where everything is[E1] . I call it organized chaos, I always have multiple to do lists on the go, and a variety of papers piled around my desk, but if you ask me to find something, I can almost always tell you where to find it instantly.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to try and post regularly, to provide some insight into what it is like to work with engineers and entrepreneurs from my perspective. Anyone who has worked with engineers or entrepreneurs can tell you that either group will keep you on your toes, so working with both definitely keeps my life interesting.

Next week I will be in Cornwall for the first Venture Demo Day at the new Cornwall Innovation Center. Join me live on Facebook and Instagram, or wait for the follow-up post.

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