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Balancing the Mundane and the Glamorous

With every job, some activities are more glamorous and exciting than others. It is easy to get caught up in the exciting activities, and prioritize what is more enjoyable over the necessary, but more mundane tasks.

I will admit, I have fallen victim to this on occasion, leaving some items on the to-do list longer than I should have. One activity that is always at the bottom of my list is updating our marketing material. Marketing, promotions, and social media are not necessarily my strong suit, so when we have staffing or logistical changes, I dread having to update our promotional material.

On Thursday, I finally bit the bullet and took the time to deal with some long overdue updates. I spent roughly an hour fighting with a label maker, printing stickers, and adding the stickers to the promotional material on my desk. The hour it took to get it done was well worth the scrambling it will save me at a later date when someone needs the material urgently and I have it readily available. But why did it take me so long to make it a priority?

There are so many interruptions to my days in the office, and so many last minute requests, that it is easy to ignore things that do not need to be completed urgently. Has anyone ever faced this issue in their own work? How do you balance the interruptions, and the urgent requests with the less stimulating tasks?

Suggestions are welcome, as my to-do list always seems to include a few overdue items. I am back in the office tomorrow to prepare for a more exciting event, a trip to Cornwall for their first Venture Demo Day.

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