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Sick Days are the Most Productive

After a long day in Cornwall for Venture Demo Day last Wednesday, allergy season was getting the better of me. By Thursday, I was working at a slower pace than usual, and by Friday I had been defeated. Just thinking about the hour long drive to and from the office wore me out, so I opted to stay home.

For most people with standard office jobs, staying at home means going back to bed, setting an auto response on your emails, and just focusing on rest. When you are working with start-ups, the idea of a sick day is almost non-existent, so I plugged in my laptop while sitting comfortably on the couch, and started working.

With no distractions, and no interruptions, I was able to start and finish each task in what felt like record time. Suddenly, it felt like I was re-gaining control of my inbox and my to do list. The productivity of my sick day made me wonder if part of the problem was overworking myself, and stressing out as year end deadlines inch closer and closer. After one day of working from home, I was able to head back to the office on Monday, ready to tackle all of the reporting and stress that comes with year end.

Have you ever noticed that your sick days or work from home days are more productive than when you are in the office? How do you cope with year end stress? I’m always looking for suggestions.

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