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Working in a Multi-Cultural Environment

Recently, one of our graduated students wrote about her experience coming to Canada as an international student, and how it has shaped her life. From feelings of fear and anxiety, to pride and accomplishment, moving to Canada was a life changing experience for her.

This post made me reflect on how fortunate I am to know her, and over 100 other graduates and students. As someone who grew up south of Ottawa, and has lived here since childhood, my experience with people from other cultures was limited before coming to Carleton. Since working with the TIM program, I now know people from over 30 countries, and learn something new about the world every day.

One of the best lessons from my experience working with international students and alumni is that our ability to grow a business and make a global impact relies heavily on building relationships with people from other cultures. The biggest strength of the TIM Program is that our faculty highlights the differences amongst our students, and makes it an asset to be different.

With some of the politics south of the border, it can be a challenge to not only say that our differences are an asset, but actually create a community where that is true. I am more appreciative than ever to say that the TIM program is able to do this consistently. No matter what your race, religion, gender, etc. we have built a community of students and alumni that believe in the strengths of our differences.

For anyone wondering how we make this work, I would invite you to come to one of our events or meetings, and witness the TIM community in action. I may be biased, but this community is truly unique and one to be acknowledged.

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