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TIM Students are Complex

TIM students are complex. I have worked at Carleton for 7 years, and I can whole-heartedly say that TIM students repeatedly have the most unique circumstances of any group of students I have worked with. Whether it is a current student with tuition questions, or an incoming student with a unique combination of education and work experience, there is never a shortage of complex situations facing TIM students.

What many people do not realize is the genuine care and concern for students that comes from all staff and faculty to consistently help resolve these complex issues. When approached by a student facing a complicated situation, I immediately use the network I have built inside Carleton to gather as much information as possible, so I can present the student with a clear list of options. I spend a significant amount of time on the phone with other offices, making sure that the appropriate people are aware of the situation at hand, and collecting all relevant information to take back to the student.

Although dealing with such a diverse group of students with unique and complex situations can seem overwhelming, it is a very rewarding aspect of the TIM program as well. Being able to help these students, whether they are trying to resolve payment and tuition issues, or working through admission inquiries, it is incredibly rewarding to see the sense of relief and joy that crosses their face when you are able to provide a viable solution.

The genuine concern that comes from the faculty and staff to resolve student issues time and time again is at the center of the strong sense of community held by TIM students and Alumni. Students have a high level of respect for their peers, as well as the staff, which does not happen everywhere. Some of this may sound a little biased, and it is, but TIM students are a truly unique group, and that is something that is not acknowledged often enough.

If you are complex and unique, send me a message and we can talk about starting an application.

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