The Face Behind The Business

Hi! I'm Emily

When I first decided to blog, I wanted to share my experience working in a male dominated environment. I work with a fantastic team of engineers and entrepreneurs, managing a masters level program.

Once I found out I was pregnant, it became the perfect time to start sharing my experience.  Now a mom of two  I have tried to document the highs and the lows through my blog and Instagram.


Fast Forward to 2021 and I have taken my experiences in the corporate world, working behind the scenes with tech start-ups, and created a series of courses to help busy moms grow their businesses and provide a sustainable source of income for their families.

I am a community builder by nature, and have also created Digital CEOs, a platform for women to share their knowledge and lead conversations important as business women and mothers.

Have a topic you want to cover? Send me a message and let's pick a date!


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