The Face Behind The Blog

Hi! I'm Emily

When I first decided to blog, I wanted to share my experience working in a male dominated environment. I work with a fantastic team of engineers and entrepreneurs, managing a masters level program.

Once I found out I was pregnant, it became the perfect time to start sharing my experience.  Now a mom of two  I have tried to document the highs and the lows through my blog and Instagram.


Navigating pregnancy and parenthood as a working mom has a unique set of challenges. No matter what decisions you make about working vs. taking time at home, you are subject to judgement and opinions from other women.

Women who either choose not to have kids, or perhaps struggle with infertility will judge you for taking time off or lightening your workload. Women who took time away from the work force to raise their family will judge you for wanting to work. 

I wanted my blog to be an environment where we celebrate the working mom. I wanted to congratulate the mom's who make it all work, the ones who have a passion for their career while juggling the demands of raising a family.


© 2020

by Emily Harrington. 

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